Rockpress Metals
Acacia Ridge

Rocklea Pressed Metal own and operate a state of the art facility in Rocklea for the design and fabrication of sheet metal products. The large operation associated with the business incorporates separated buildings for different parts of the operation whereby Rockpress can ensure that the cleaner CNC type manufacturing processes maintain a level of Quality Assurance and accurateness to produce the highest quality finished products for their client’s whilst maintain a ‘clean’ manufacturing environment.
JT Environmental was commissioned to assist in assessing the site for stormwater and waste emissions from the operation. These recommendations will be implemented on‐site to assist in the Quality Assurance programme being undertaken on‐site. Specific requirements of JT Environmental were the inspection and recommendation for retrofitting the stormwater infrastructure on‐site to achieve current best practice management principles BPMP.
The Stormwater Quality Management Plan that was prepared for the site was targeted at the possibilities of the installation of at source and end of pipe solutions to provide the most cost effective high performance treatment solutions. These solutions together with the proactive management approach currently practiced by management and employees will ensure that the operation and site will achieve a high level of Stormwater Quality performance given the sites have been long established.
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