Noise Impact Assessments

The previous and current explosion in urban and industrial development in Southeast Queensland has resulted in the unparalleled consideration of amenity impacts associated with new and existing developments. JT Environmental, using the latest in monitoring equipment from Norway, the Norsonic 131 Sound Level Metre, is investigating and preparing Noise Impact Assessments with specific investigations of industrial operations and emissions from both State and Local beneficial assets. PEN3D2000 is our current noise modelling software of choice with its user friendly interface and flexible site specific data entry it enables JT Environmental to deliver the most accurate results.
JT Environmental provides noise impact assessments and acoustic design services across all types of Development Applications whether it is industry or commercial development. We also have the qualifications to undertake a full range of acoustic certifications to help meet your project goals in a personalized and cost-effective manner.
Delivering you a comprehensive range of environmental engineering services for all market sectors.