Kennedy’s Classic Aged Timbers

Kennedy’s Classic Aged Timbers was a keynote project that JT Environmental was involved in during the establishment of the business in 2004. The specific requirements of the operation were clear that the site was to operate in two different functions, the first being a Waste Transfer Station for the receiving of waste timber and the second as a Timber Mill for the recycling of aged timbers for reuse.
JT Environmental was specifically responsible for the assessment of the site for the preparation of a Site Management Plan that was lodged to DERM for the approval of the associated ERA’s. In addition to the ERA’S required for the operation of the site, the lodgment to the Local Government also required the investigation and design of Stormwater Quality Management Measures required.
Kennedy’s Classic Ages Timbers has been in operation now for approximately 5 years and is specifically devoted to the recycling of classic timbers as features associated with future developments.
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