Environmental Licensing

In January 2009, the Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) released an update to the Queensland Environmental Protection Regulation (begin version 2008). Manufacturing operations throughout Queensland, for the most part, require the investigation, preparation and lodgment of an Environmentally Relevant Activity applications, albeit, either Devolved (Local Gov) or Non‐devolved (State Gov).
JT Environmental, over the last 5 years has established a strong working relationship with various Local Governments and the Queensland Department of Resource Management (Eco Access) and has the capabilities to ensure that not only is the operation compliant with best Practice Management Principles, but is consistent with the Town Planning Application to be made or that already exists.
JT Environmental can project manage the preparation and lodgment of appropriate ERAs as required or can assist our clients Planning Consultants to apply for a properly made application. REQUEST A FEE PROPOSAL
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