Bushfire Management Plans

JT Environmental utilises both qualitative and quantitative investigations to determine the level of risk associated with current and future developments and recommending strategies to reduce this risk potential to future occupied places.

The aim of our Bushfire Management Plans (BMP) is to provide coordinated prevention and mitigation documentation of bushfires to protect human life, community assets and the environment and a continued assessment of the risk areas and potential improvements to the lot layouta and local infrastructure associated with a development.
Our BMP’s identify a number of strategies which are directed at reducing the risk to human life, community and environmental assets. As our assessments and management Plans highlight, by addressing the factors which contribute to the intensity of a bushfire the risk associated with the residential development can be minimized. We further provide specific recommendations for Construction Processes from AS2959 and utilise appropriate assessment tools with AS3959.REQUEST A FEE PROPOSAL
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