Air Quality Assessment

JT Environmental has specific experience in the investigation and preparation of Air Quality Assessments associated with a number of uses. Typically, operations with either significant emissions sources such as spray booths etc. or childcare centers located in close proximity to arterial roads, JT Environmental can model the implications on specific receptor locations through the adaptation of appropriate air quality modelling software. We use physical and computational modelling (Ausplume Air Quality Modelling) techniques along with meteorological data to accurately measure the possible effects of pollution dispersion in relation to your site.
General requirements of planning instruments require appropriate investigations of emission sources to determine Design Ground Concentrations and, if applicable, compare these against stated criteria. JT Environmental has noteworthy experience associated with the application of due investigations for:
  • Childcare Centers;
  • Commercial Spray Painting operations; and
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants,
  • Childcare Centres;
  • Commercial Spray painting operations;
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