Our Mission

Find and deliver a strategic & sustainable solution for our client that is time and cost effective.

Established in 2004, JT Environmental Pty Ltd is a boutique environmental consultancy firm that offers a comprehensive range of Environmental Engineering services for all market sectors. Whether it is a small residential development to a multinational project, we can deliver the result that you need. Specialising is in a number of environmental area's serves as a convenient option for our clients. At JT Environmental you are guaranteed to speak with the same environmental engineer every time. Your project is our priority. We believe in delivering strategic environmental solutions that’s why JT Environmental works to “design out the problem” for you.

Tyson Dodd

B. Eng (Env Eng), MIEAust, CEP, AIDGC Accredited Internal Integrated Management Systems Lead Auditor ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO4801 RABQSA QM/EM/OH Tyson Dodd is the owner and Principle Environmental Engineer of JT Environmental Engineering Consultants. Having worked in the industry for nearly two decades with the Brisbane City Council and now in the private sector for over a decade he knows what results his clients are after and how to best achieve them within the shortest possible timeframe.Studying extra subjects and modules has made Tyson an all round technical expert in many environmental fields. While most engineers focus on specialising in one field of expertise, Tyson and JT Environmental cover an impressive seven fields. Which delivers the client the best possible outcome and limiting any unexpected issues that might arise during their project.