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JT Environmental delivers strategic sustainable & environmental solutions to design out the problem for your project or operation.

JT Environmental is a multi faceted environmental engineering firm providing personalised and modern services for all market sectors. Our dedication to creating accurate and cost effective solutions for our clients makes us a leader in boutique environmental services. Whether is it a small residential development to a multinational project we can deliver the balance result.

Our Priority is YOUR Project

  • Air Quality Management
  • Noise Impact Assessments
  • Environmental Licensing Compliance
  • Aerial Photography, Surveying & Monitoring
  • Stormwater Quality Management Plans
  • Bushfire Management Plans
  • Lead Auditing Services
May 11, 2017

Aerial Photography, Monitoring & Surveying

JT Environmental provide private and commercial aerial photography using advanced electric operated GPS equipped drones with high
May 11, 2017

Bushfire Management Plans

JT Environmental utilises both qualitative and quantitative investigations to determine the level of risk associated with current and future […]
May 11, 2017

Noise Impact Assessments

The previous and current explosion in urban and industrial development in Southeast Queensland has resulted in the unparalleled consideration […]
May 10, 2017

Stormwater Quality Management Plans

JT Environmental offers a high quality service and produces high quality outcomes for your Stormwater management projects using MUSIC […]
May 7, 2017

Environmental Licensing

In January 2009, the Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) released an update to the Queensland Environmental
May 5, 2017

Air Quality Assessments

JT Environmental has specific experience in the investigation and preparation of Air Quality Assessments associated with a number of […]

Delivering you a comprehensive range of environmental engineering services for all market sectors.

Tyson Dodd is the owner and Principle Environmental Engineer.

Tyson has close to 20 years private and government consulting experience with key Environmental Project Management in several major development applications including urban and industrial developments, specialising in industrial applications and associated relevant activities and reverse amenity occurrences as a result of Planning Scheme inconsistencies. Tyson knows what results you are after and how to best achieve them within the shortest possible time frame. Tyson is also a Certified Environmental Practitioner.

While most engineers focus on specialising in one field of expertise, Tyson and JT Environmental cover an impressive seven fields. Which means you are delivered the best possible outcome for any unexpected issues that might arise during your project.

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  • We have known and worked with JT Environmental for a period well in excess of 15 years. Tyson Dodd has extensive background in Local Government and has used that experience to develop a well- known consultancy that responds to a variety of issues that require approvals from Councils and state agencies.
    Tyson is pragmatic and looks to find solutions for his clients understanding the changing legislation and responding to achieve optimum outcomes navigating the complex maize of environmental licences and approvals.
    Ken Ryan
    Ken Ryan & Associates